Finding the ideal industrial flooring system for a space and facility can be a huge concern. It is crucial to have the right flooring to maintain productivity and minimize risk of damage and injury. Not to mention it has to look good, be easy to maintain, and last. Epoxy flooring offers facility managers and owners all this and more!

Why are Epoxy Floors the Ideal Industrial Flooring System?

1. Epoxy Floors Have Many Applications

Epoxy flooring is appropriate across a wide variety of industries because of its versatility and dependability. Epoxy floors simply provide great value and make a lasting impression. Liquid Floors will work closely with you to fully understand the needs of your space and the demands of your future flooring, so we can formulate an epoxy coating that will surpass every expectation. Worried about chemical exposure or spills? We can help! Concerned about slips and falls? As your local flooring expert, we can help your business find a floor that looks great and keeps your employees safe.

2. Epoxy Floors Protect Against Spills

With thousands of epoxy coating variations available, your perfect flooring system starts by talking with your flooring contractor. Discuss any chemicals that your floor may be exposed to. Name specifics. Share concentrations. By knowing the details, your flooring contractor will be able to identify a flooring system that will work for you. Curious how? Give the experts at Liquid Floors a call today!

3. Epoxy Floors Require Little Maintenance

With epoxy floor coatings, little maintenance is needed, as the surface can often easily be wiped clean. To clean up spills, all you have to do is mop the area or apply an absorbent powder. Washing the floor simply involves a damp mop to clean up any dirt or debris. You won’t have to buy expensive detergents or cleaners to enjoy a clean floor. Isn’t that great?

4. Epoxy Floors Are Installed Quickly

Here at Liquid Floors, we offer fast, affordable epoxy floor installation. Our professional installers will evaluate your existing concrete floor and review your needs with you, to help you determine which type of epoxy or concrete coating would be the perfect fit for your business. The actual install will be completed quickly and with much less downtime that you’d experience with other flooring options. To learn more about our epoxy flooring options or to schedule an estimate, call us at 877-547-8431.

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Liquid Floors, Inc. offers epoxy coating installation, wet and dry polishing and will help you find the solution that is best for you and your industrial needs.  Just give us a call at 704-543-7565 or email us at and we can set up a free consultation to go over price ranges and enhance your concrete surface and floors.