12-17bPolished concrete floors are an attractive choice for any industrial or pharmaceutical warehouse. Polished concrete floors can be personalized to fit your business’s needs with custom colors to match existing decor, logos, and lines to manage traffic flow. With proper care, a polished concrete floor should maintain its sheen for many years before needing another polishing. You may think that because these floors are tough that you can skimp on maintenance. We have four maintenance tips that you should never overlook.

Daily Dust Mopping

It may be tempting to skip dust mopping the floor each and every day. A less rigid maintenance schedule means money saved on man hours and the floors will still look great, right? The problem with this strategy is that fine bits of dust accumulate constantly. As we walk over the floors, this dust can act as a very fine sandpaper on your beautiful floors. Dust mop daily with a microfiber pad to maintain that shine.

Address Spills Immediately

While spills are easier to clean from polished concrete than unpolished floors, you should address a spill immediately. Repeated exposure to spills can stain or damage the floor. If the substance spilled is corrosive the faster the spill is addressed the better. Additionally, puddles of neglected liquid left standing on the floor can cause a potential fall hazard for employees.

Use the Correct Cleaner

When it comes to floor cleaners, all brands are not created equal. Use a cleaner specially formulated for polished concrete along with clean water, following the dilution instructions to the letter. Too much cleaner or dirty water will leave the floors with a filmy haze. Never use an acid based degreaser as this will damage the floor.

Use a Very Light Touch

When using a buffer make certain you use a very soft bristled brush or a white or beige pad to buff the floors. Other pads are too rough and will decrease your floor’s protective coating and natural shine.

With proper maintenance, your business’s industrial flooring should serve you well for years to come. If your floors don’t have the shine they once did, contact Liquid Floors to learn more about how polished concrete can be properly maintained. Our experienced staff offers free consultations to help you choose and maintain the flooring system that best fits your company’s needs.