A newly re-done concrete polished floor can do wonders for your company. A concrete polished floor is cost-effective solution that is also great looking. However, re-polishing your industrial concrete floor can be quite a tedious task. You will need the right know-how and equipment in order to get the job done right. Below are five essential tools for creating the perfect concrete polished floor.



5 Essential Concrete Polishing Tools

The most essential equipment required for a perfect concrete polished floor are:


1. Grinders & Concrete Polisher Machines

Grinders-PolishersIt is not only important to have the best grinders, but the correct weight and RPM of the grinder is also necessary for a good polishing job. Grinders come in various sizes and go up to 36 inches. The size of the grinder will depend on the area of the surface that a polisher will cover in one day. A diamond grinder equivalent to HTC 800 is ideal for cutting and polishing floors. A grinder with a higher RPM is needed for polishing the concrete in the steps. Having the correct cutters is equally necessary. The right cutters for the diamond grinder are just as important as the grinder.

2. Diamond Tools for Concrete Grinding & Polishing

Diamond Polishing tools
This is the second most essential equipment needed for a concrete polished floor. There are two kinds of pads tools used. The metal bond tools are used for grinding and polishing hard preparing concrete floors, while the resin tools are used for polishing the surface.

3. Industrial Floor Vacuum

Industrial Floor vacuumMost polishers have evolved, and now are a dry grinding and polishing system and this gives rise to a lot of dust. Since this dust can be hazardous to your health, you must have a quality industrial floor vacuum to clean up all the dust and fragments left over.


4. Concrete Hardening and Compacting Agents

Concrete HardeningAll concrete polishing surfaces use agents to harden the concrete, and make it denser. The main job of the hardener agent is to make the concrete hard, so that it can be easily polished. The compacting agents make the concrete floor dense or thick, so that it becomes water-resistant, stain-free, and shiny for a longer period of time.

5. Concrete Coloring Agents, Dyes, & Stains

floor dyesGone are the days when a plain light floor was all that you could get. Now with the help of dyes and stains you can get the floor color of your choice. If the final concrete mixture is yet to be poured, the look of the floor can be enhanced by mixing glass beads, integral color, metal pieces, colored aggregate etc.



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