11-26bProfessional epoxy floor installers should always take the time to inspect your floors and prepare the surface prior to the installation of your epoxy coating. Failure to perform this simple task can leave you with floors that do not meet your expectations. Improperly installed epoxy coatings can severely reduce your floor’s useful life.

Common Problems with Improperly Installed Epoxy Coatings

  • Air Bubbles
  • Hard Lumps
  • Peeling
  • Surface Degradation

Bubbles in the Coating

Concrete is a porous material. This means that air can and does get into the surface. If the floor isn’t properly prepared, primed and sealed, the air will come out of the concrete during the curing phase of the installation. When the epoxy coating cures, the mixture increases in temperature. This, in turn, heats the air inside the concrete, causing it to expand and create air bubbles between the concrete and the coating. If this happens you need a contractor that knows how to deal with out-gassing.

Premature Degradation of the Surface

Premature degradation of the surface can occur when the contractor fails to properly mix two-part epoxy coatings, uses an out-of-date product, applies the coating when the floor is below 50 degrees or uses a product that has been frozen and thawed. All of these mistakes can lead to your new epoxy floor deteriorating much faster than expected.

Hard Lumps

In some instances, hard lumps may be noticed after the installation of the epoxy coating. This can be caused by the contractor using dirty equipment or a low-quality roller sleeve that deposits lint or a failure to remove all dirt and sand blasting materials.


All contaminates must be removed from the concrete surface prior to the epoxy coating installation, including oil, grease, chemicals, moisture and dirt. The floor should be ground with a diamond grinder or shot blasted. Epoxy coatings will never adhere properly to a floor that is not clean and free of chemicals, oil, and grease.

Here at Liquid Floors, we are dedicated to providing you with a top quality product that is expertly installed so that you can enjoy your new floors for the entirety of their useful life. Our professional installers will take the time to properly prepare your concrete floors, mix the coating and apply it to your floors. To schedule a free consultation, contact Liquid Floors today!