Industrial Concrete FloorDoes your old industrial concrete floor have stains? Is it cracked or worn out? If yes, then you need to give your old industrial concrete floor a facelift. Re-coating an old industrial concrete floor can make your industrial center like new. However, it is easier said than done, re-coating your industrial floor can be a very un-daunting task. It is going take knowledge, preparation, and time. Below are 5 steps to give your old industrial concrete floor a facelift.

1. Checking the floor:

First and foremost you need to check the floor to see if the substrate is firm and that the floor is tightly attached to it. You must also check that the floor is not peeling, or cracking, or leaving the substrate. A re-coat will only be as good as the last one if the coating is not tightly bound to the substrate.

2. Isolating spots:

If there are spots on the floor, or the floor is lifting, then you must deal with them first. In this case, you must remove the top coat before you begin anything else.

3. Sanding or buffing the floor:

For this you will need a sander or a grinding machine with an aggressive sanding head. Since only the top gloss or shine has to be removed, a buffing – machine with a medium grit sanding head is needed. Once you have removed the old coating only then can you begin the re – coating process.

4. Cleaning the floor:

If you have ascertained that the floor is firmly attached to the ground below. Now, check for the kind of finish or seal that has been applied on your old floor. Cures and seals, epoxies, polyurethane and oil and water based seals can be removed by using a floor cleaner.

5. Choosing a coat of your choice:

Once the cleaning has been done thoroughly, then you can go ahead and choose the coating of your choice. If you are using an epoxy based coating, then you need to apply a primer for uncoated concrete. In case the floor is previously coated then after thorough cleaning you can apply a top coat with a urethane topcoat. The primer, though easy to apply, it might take 16 hours to dry up. A urethane top coat is excellent for epoxy floor coatings as it improves the look of the floor and shields it against wear and tear.

Depending on which coating you choose you will have to allow your industrial concrete floor to dry off in about 24 hours, before you can start using it. If this process sounds too difficult for you to do alone, let Liquid Floor Inc. assist you in creating a great looking industrial concrete floor. We want to help you protect your investment and increase the value of your facility.

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