10-22bEpoxy floors are great options for high traffic industrial areas, and manufacturing settings. Epoxy floors are particularly well known for their attractiveness and longevity. With routine maintenance, these floors will retain their newly installed look for years to come.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

The most important maintenance tip is to address spills immediately, whether they are liquids or solids. From a safety standpoint, spills represent a safety hazard in a high traffic area. Obviously, liquid spills create a slip and fall hazard for your customers and employees. You may be tempted to temporarily ignore a spill of dry material, but these also need immediate attention. Use a soft bristled broom to sweep up scattered materials before they can be ground into the flooring’s surface.

Protect Exceptionally High Traffic Areas

Exceptionally high traffic areas like entrances are prone to increased wear and tear. Consider using rubber backed commercial area rugs to protect the flooring in entryways. These rugs, especially during the winter or rainy seasons, protect the flooring from mud, dirt, and other unwanted debris that can easily be tracked in.

Treat Resistant Stains the Right Way

If you notice a stain on the flooring, it is best not to ignore it. It certainly is not going anywhere on its own. Instead, check the manufacturer’s directions for stain removal. You will want to avoid using soap based or citrus cleaners as these cleaners can leave a residue that will dull the shine over time. The residue from a soap based cleaner can also become slick when wet.

Schedule Routine Cleaning

Simply sweeping some areas of your facility’s epoxy floors with a commercial dust mop may be fine for nightly maintenance, saving scrubbing for a weekly rotation. Your high traffic areas will need more attention to keep them looking their best. Nightly mopping with a hard foam mop, warm water, and clear ammonia will remove dirt before it has an opportunity to become embedded in the flooring.

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