9-10bFor many manufacturing facilities, the primary focus is on the workflow patterns of the floor rather than on the floor itself. A smooth and well-maintained surface increases functionality, efficiency, and safety. An industrial floor that is unable to withstand the daily wear and tear from heavy machinery, chemical spills, impacts, and high heat will soon begin to deteriorate. This erosion can lead to a total replacement of the concrete slabs, environmental issues, or a whole variety of other potentially dangerous problems. Liquid Floors offers a variety of protective coatings based on the specific needs of the individual manufacturing facility.

Concrete Polishing

The concrete polishing process results in a smooth, shiny surface that no longer requires waxing or buffing. The final product is also highly resistant to chipping and cracking for improved safety. With varying levels of light reflectivity available, polished concrete floors always look immaculate and beautiful if they are well maintained. They are also resistant to water and oil spills while also decreasing the amount of cleanup time required for other types of chemical spills like bleaches and solvents.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coated flooring systems provide a significantly higher level of protection and resistance to spills. For manufacturing facilities that use extremely harsh chemicals and acidic compounds, the epoxy coatings are the most economical and durable choice (each facility needs to specify the proper epoxy to protect against their chemicals). They are also impact resistant while providing improved anti-skid safety properties all in one complete package. Epoxies can also be applied in a variety of different colors and textures, helping to clearly identify individual work areas and preferred traffic patterns for improved safety and efficiency.


Urethane coatings area an added coat on top of the epoxy. This type of industrial flooring system has a slightly faster application process and is great for additional wear protection. And like epoxy coatings and concrete polishing techniques, urethanes offer varying levels of light reflectivity. For manufacturing plants in need of the highest levels of protection against chemical spills and daily wear and tear, Liquid Floors can combine the urethane coating over our epoxied flooring system to provide maximum durability.


Most managers of manufacturing facilities are not experts in industrial flooring and protection. In fact, the advancements in this technology are occurring so rapidly that it would be nearly impossible for the average business owner to stay informed. Contact the experts at Liquid Floors. With our comprehensive warranty and highly flexible scheduling options, we’ll be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the best possible coatings based on the unique needs of your manufacturing plant.