The food processing industry requires industrial strength floors that can withstand serious abuse, and concrete urethane is one of the best choices. Chemical and oils spills, heavy loads, and constant traffic, are only a few of the reasons plant managers need rugged flooring solutions.

Here are eight reasons concrete urethane is up for the challenge of providing a tough flooring solution for your business.

Concrete Urethane, Tough Enough for the Food Processing Industry

Concrete urethanes offer durability and performance like no other. These flooring solutions are created to withstand the rigorous demands associated with the food processing industry.

From chemical resistance, to keeping maintenance to a minimum, it’s easy to see why urethane mortars are the most popular flooring solution in the industry.

Here are just a few of the many benefits and features you can expect when installing industrial concrete urethane floor coatings:

  1. Protection from heavy loads and foot traffic, as well as high impact situations.
  2. Thermal shock resistance (the ability to resist cracking or crazing even under extreme temperature change).
  3. Waterproofing. Due to the seamless installation of epoxy coatings and available underlayment options, water is no longer a worrisome factor at your warehouse.
  4. Protection from acid, alkali, chemical solvents, and oils.
  5. Low maintenance costs – no polishing or waxing required!
  6. Easy clean-up due to the coatings integral cove base. By installing a slope to drain feature, wash-downs are a breeze.
  7. Slip resistance. Urethane concrete can be formulated to include silica sand and then grout coated to provide a non-slip service – keeping employees safe.
  8. Protection for the structure of your facility.

It’s easy to see why concrete mortars are a popular choice in the food manufacturing industry. When installed correctly, the dependability and protection offered by concrete urethane means it’s one of the best investments you will ever make in your company.

If you’re worried about the time involved in the installation process, let us put your mind at ease. With fast-curing systems available, downtime is kept to a minimum when compared to other flooring options – saving you time and money.

Invest in your company today with a quality flooring solution. Why not give us a call and let us create a customized estimate based on your unique flooring needs? You’ll be glad you did.