Protecting your concrete with epoxy flooring isn’t enough to provide the beauty, durability and shine you’re after. To ensure a professional look that will last while helping your flooring avoid damage calls for a proper installation job. There is more to readying a surface for epoxy flooring than many realize. The grinding technique used to prepare a floor in advance of coating application can greatly impact the final look.

Diamond grinding is the preferred choice for contractors who are dedicated to workmanship and quality. While this technically costs mordiamond-grindinge than other methods and does require more time and skill, the results it produces are superior.

Diamond grinding is performed to open the pores on a concrete floor prior to the application of epoxy and urethane. This method simply helps these coatings bond better with the underlying flooring. Unless this step or a similar one is taken, epoxy will not properly adhere to the flooring and the durability of the finish could be in jeopardy.

Why is the diamond grinding process superior for epoxy flooring?

This method makes more sense when professional looking, long-lasting epoxy floors are desired because:

It’s gentler – Shot blasting, the other method of preparation grinding, can produce pits and valleys, high spots and low spots on the flooring surface. The end result is technically damage to the floor. On the other hand, diamond grinding will not gouge or damage the flooring. It simply does the job of opening the pores without causing concerns along the way.

It produces a finer surface – Since diamond grinding does not damage the concrete or create pitted imperfections, it results in a floor surface that is uniform. This is simply better for creating a finished look that’s more attractive while ensuring that the epoxy flooring installation will be long lasting.

While many contractors prefer shot blasting because of its speed and economy, the best rely on diamond grinding for the superior results it produces. When it’s time to invest in epoxy floor coatings, this alternative is well worth the extra work involved to create a finished look that will last. It’s simply the method that results in the highest level of workmanship.