8-13bWhen deciding what type of floor is best for your airplanes and other aviation materials, there are a few things to consider:

  • How much traffic will come through the hangar?
  • Will there be chemicals used in the space?
  • Will the hangar be used to store planes or will there be maintenance done?

Epoxy flooring is very durable and can provide protection from materials and chemicals that may absorb into, or crack the concrete. Epoxy flooring has a number of benefits:


With an epoxy floor, you will immediately increase the amount of light in the room with its reflexive properties. This lights up all areas of the room and reduces shadows. This makes it easier to spot F.O.D.


This is a cost-effective way to enhance your flooring while offering the best protection for the space. This option is durable and lasts for years without needing another application.


Traction grit can be added to epoxy flooring to provide a non-skid surface. This aids in the reduction of slip-and-falls and other mishaps that may occur in a hangar setting.


Epoxy flooring is very easy to clean and maintain, increasing functionality while cutting down on cleaning costs.

Both solutions will work, but if you’re looking for a solution that will provide added protection and longevity, epoxy flooring is the best alternative that will provide the benefits you are seeking. You will get an attractive alternative that can be painted whatever color you choose, and it adds an added layer of protection on concrete floors.

How does this work?

The floor is installed through a process. It has to be cleaned and mechanically prepared, then it will be applied to the floor, back rolled and allowed to self-level. Once this has occurred, a urethane topcoat will be applied for wear resistance, light stability and chemical resistance, leaving a bright, beautiful shine all over your floor that is super hard and durable. If you’re looking for a stylish look for your hangar, epoxy flooring delivers.

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