2-18bAreas that see high traffic can be particularly brutal for floors. This could be somewhere such as a busy hospital that might see thousands of feet traverse its hallways each day or an industrial plant that must endure the added burden of forklifts and pallet jacks as well as numerous footsteps. Following some basic floor maintenance strategies can help your floor last longer while still looking fantastic.

1. Clean Frequently

At least daily, sweep the floor to remove dirt and debris. You should also follow this step if you are going to be mopping. Be sure to spot clean as soon as possible after a spill. Choose a cleanser based on the type of material that your commercial floor is made from. Otherwise, you could strip the shine from it, leaving it dull and dingy looking.

2. Cover It Up

In order to protect your floor in high traffic areas — or if you notice that particular part of the floor is becoming quite worn — consider adding some type of material to cover it. Carpet runners or rubber mats can provide some protection in this case. Using these, however, will increase your maintenance time and costs. In addition, because they are covering high traffic areas, you will likely need to replace them often.

3. Have Epoxy Applied

By far the easiest and most effective way to maintain your high traffic area is to have epoxy professionally applied. Durable enough to withstand anything that your commercial space can throw at it, epoxy floors are also affordable and resistant to chemicals, spills and stains. Because commercial businesses are all different, adding epoxy allows your flooring to be customized to meet your needs. Anti-skid line striping, as well as color coating help designate safe and hazardous areas, for example. In addition to making your floor stronger and easier to maintain, epoxy gives it a pleasant and shiny surface that looks as good as it lasts.

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