Whether your business is looking to expand to a new location, or renovate an existing locale, choosing floors is a big decision. For most industries, the answer lies in concrete. Polished concrete is becoming the first choice of business owners, and for good reason. Concrete polishing has grown so much in popularity; that even architects and designers are jumping on the polishing bandwagon. Why? Let’s talk about four reasons polished concrete is the right choice for your business.

Four Reasons Why Polished Concrete is the Right Choice for Your Business

1. Durability. There are few flooring options that offer the durability of concrete. Unlike wood or carpet, that soon show signs of age, concrete will stand the test of time. When you choose polished concrete, the polishing process hones and densifies the surface of the concrete. Thus making them shinier, brighter and more attractive. This means avoiding high replacement costs associated with wood floors and carpeting.

2. They’re Easy to Clean. Another advantage of polished concrete; is that the surface makes cleaning a breeze. Popular flooring surfaces such as wood or tile may be beautiful, but they can be a nightmare to maintain, especially in high traffic areas. Regular waxing and polishing are necessary to preserve a professional appearance with floors such as these. However, when it comes to polished concrete, cleaning is basic. Regular sweeping and scrubbing is often all that’s needed to retain shine even in high traffic areas. Want another benefit? Since concrete is a continual surface, you will never need to scrub grout lines again!

3. Concrete is Hip. We’re serious, concrete is becoming increasingly popular. Gone are the days when concrete floors meant a boring, dull, gray appearance. Polished concrete now comes in a wide variety of designs and patterns. In fact, the word is out: when done correctly, polished concrete can take on the appearance of more expensive surfaces such as marble, granite, or slate for a heck of a lot less.

4. Value. Sure, installing polished concrete is a considerable expense, but when you consider the return you are getting on your investment, it makes good business sense. Since concrete can last a lifetime and maintenance is kept to a minimum, it may very well be the only floor your business will ever need.


So, if you are considering a new building or renovating your current facility, consider polished concrete for your flooring. You’ll be glad you did.