If you’re seeking a dynamic, non-traditional look for your flooring solution, it’s time to discover metallic epoxy floor coatings. Oftentimes people think of epoxy floors as flooring only for industrial, sterile and dull facilities. But over the years, epoxy floor coatings have stepped up their game and now offer a wide variety of possibilities. The latest variety is a metallic epoxy floor coating.

This flooring solution can help take your floor to a whole new level of modern sophistication.

What is a Metallic Floor Coating?

A metallic floor coating has all the benefits of a traditional epoxy coating – it’s durable and seamless, and can still withstand high levels of traffic. But the difference is in the blend and the application. The epoxy floor coating is blended with metallic pigments that really bring new life to the traditional look of epoxy coatings.

The major difference when installing a metallic epoxy floor is how it is actually applied. This is where creativity comes in handy! When applying the coating with the metallic pigments, installers can use a variety of methods to create a desired effect. To disperse the metal pigments, they are ‘dragged’ throughout the coating to give the desired effect.

Installers can literally drag (or swirl) the pigments through the coating with trowels, or they can even use air to disperse the coating to get a variety of effects such as a wave or ripple effect. The possibilities allow for creativity to make sure you get the look you’re after for your space.

Where Does It Work Best?

A metallic epoxy floor coating works anywhere traditional epoxy floors can be installed. Hotel lobbies, casinos, car showrooms, office buildings, and restaurants are excellent spaces to install a metallic epoxy floor. Yet, industrial floors aren’t the only spaces in which this flooring surface works. A metallic epoxy floor also creates a dynamic solution for residential spaces.

Kitchens, basements, and even modern living rooms are excellent for the eye-catching qualities of a metallic epoxy floor in a residential space. Much more durable than linoleum or tile and with less up-keep than carpets and hardwood floors, epoxy floors are the perfect flooring solution for a wide variety of residential areas.

Keep in mind that this flooring solution is recommended for internal use only as the color may fade in direct sunlight.

Epoxy floors are well beyond the bland and dull coatings of yesteryear – they now provide a vast selection of flooring solutions that bring vibrant life to any interior space. Considering a metallic floor coating will allow you to be creative with your floor surface while maintaining the quality and durability of a traditional epoxy floor.