Pharmaceutical facilities7-16b are highly sterile environments, and need to maintain their sterility in a germ-free environment. Flooring is one of the most susceptible areas that can cause problems. One of the best solutions in a pharmaceutical facility is a concrete coating. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easy to clean. With a concrete coating, dust particles and other items are easily swept away, and mopping the floor will help maintain its shine. It is a high maintenance look with little maintenance upkeep.
  • Resistance to chemical spills. Chemical spills are easily cleaned with no concern for toxicity in the floor because there are no seams to hold any dirt or bacteria. When selecting a concrete coating make sure to look at the chemical resistance to ensure it will stand up to your environment.
  • Safety. Concrete flooring keeps the floors dry, which increases the level of safety throughout the facility for employees and other vendors, and is known to be one of the safest floor options on the market.
  • Affordability. Using concrete coatings is not only easy to maintain, and cost savings are instant. Upkeep is very affordable with low maintenance and costs.
  • Durability. Concrete coatings can withstand wear and tear, and heavy equipment and large industrial shelving with no problems. An initial coating can last for years with simple maintenance procedures.
  • Beauty. Concrete coatings are beautiful, but they are also very versatile. A concrete floor can be coated to accommodate any color schemes needed to enhance style or productivity. There are a number of design options available to meet every need. Epoxy coatings also increase the light reflectivity in the room, making it brighter.

These are just a few reasons why concrete coatings are a good choice to use in a pharmaceutical facility. Any chemical exposure to the flooring will be negated, and these areas can be well maintained without stress. Liquid Floors are adept at the installation of concrete coatings to meet your needs in any facility. To find out more about our services and what options would work for you, contact a team member for a free consultation today!