1webIt’s well known that epoxy floor coatings provide practical and inexpensive floor protection in industrial settings. However, many managers fail to realize the ways in which epoxy floor coatings can also improve worker productivity and increase a business’s bottom line.

Improved Visibility

Epoxy floor coatings can be made highly reflective, improving the lighting conditions in industrial settings by up to 300% without ever installing more lights. This improved visibility can make it easier for workers to complete complex, intricate tasks quickly and efficiently.

Improved Traffic Flow Efficiency

Color coating options on epoxy floors can help direct and improve worker traffic flow on the work floor. Using color designations to create work zones on an open industrial floor can keep workers assigned to specific tasks separate from workers handling unrelated tasks. Ultimately, this division within the workforce can reduce traffic jams.

Reduction in Slips, Trips, and Falls

Anti-slip coatings on epoxy floors can reduce slips, trips, and falls at the workplace, resulting in fewer injuries and less paid time off for workers. In addition to a direct relationship between worker attendance and worker efficiency, there’s also a correlation between higher safety standards and improved worker morale. With fewer on the job accidents, workers feel more cared for by their employers and may be more likely to work hard on the job.

Less Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is extremely low-maintenance, requiring little more than an auto-scrubbing throughout the week in order to maintain cleanliness and shine. Compared to some other forms of industrial flooring, epoxy floor coatings require little attention and a relatively small work force in order to maintain.

Professional Installation

In order to minimize down time when installing an epoxy floor it is best to use a professional installer. With their expertise, equipment and man power they can install large areas in a short amount of time – including weekends or holiday shutdowns. With proper preparation, the installation process can take a matter of only days.

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