Commercial kitchens require a floor as tough as their staff – one that offers protection against bacteria, chemical staining, is safe for employees, and will stand the test of time. At Liquid Floors we understand that keeping your kitchen running efficiently, while complying with safety standards, is vital to your success. That’s why when it comes to business owners working in the food industry, our top recommendation is urethane concrete.

Urethane Concrete – The Choice for Commercial Kitchens

The demands of commercial kitchens are unique. In order for a kitchen floor to be a true asset to your business it must offer:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Meet Industry Safety Standards
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durability

Urethane concrete is quickly becoming the popular choice among commercial kitchen owners. Why? It’s highly durable, exhibits excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance, as well as offering superior protection against bacteria. Here are four of the many benefits of urethane concrete.

  • 1. Slip Resistance.  Keeping employees safe is necessary. In a fast-paced environment such as commercial kitchens, slip resistance is key to employee safety. Urethane concrete can be formulated to include silica sand and then grout coated to provide a non-slip service, even in a wet environment.
  • 2. Chemical Resistance.  Spills are an everyday occurrence, even in the best of commercial kitchens. Urethane floors offer a non-porous, impervious surface, excellent at withstanding chemical spills. This means that hot oils, grease, and cleaning chemicals are no problem for this flooring surface.
  • 3. Thermal Shock Resistance.  What is thermal shock resistance? It’s the ability to resist cracking or crazing under extreme temperature change. Urethane concrete displays an excellent thermal shock resistance, meaning hot water discharge from kitchen equipment will not impact your floor’s surface.
  • 4. Worry-Free Installation.  Another great feature of urethane concrete is installation. Unlike epoxy floors, cementitious urethane can be installed, worry-free, in wet and cold environments. Locations such as walk-in coolers and freezers create no issue for urethane floors.

It’s easy to see why urethane concrete has become the go-to flooring option among those working in the commercial food industry. The product can withstand the torturous conditions found in commercial kitchens, while keeping employees safe. Why not contact us today and find out why urethane floors are the right choice for your commercial kitchen.