7-30bWhen you’re thinking about replacing or improving your industrial flooring, it can be difficult to estimate how much money you should budget for the process. This is especially true if you have installation concerns because your building is older or has issues that concern you about your industrial flooring installation. Let’s take a look at some of the most common installation concerns that happen when you’re having a new industrial floor put in.

Get a Quote

One area that will help you develop your estimate is to have several detailed, written quotes drawn up for your project. By looking at a number of different companies, you can get a range of pricing. But don’t just set your number at the lowest bid. Take the time to find the best bid that will provide the most effective and comprehensive installation and the best flooring products you can afford.

Overestimate Your Costs

Once you have that quote, add between 10-25% of the total back in as a safety cushion in case something goes wrong. If you overestimate your costs from the beginning, any nasty surprises will still be under budget and if you avoid any bad surprises all together, you’ll actually end up with a surplus of cash.

Don’t Forget Down Time

The next thing to figure out is how long it will take for the job to be completed. Will the flooring project take your assembly off line for a period or time, or will it make your offices and files inaccessible until the project is complete? Don’t forget to add money in to cover additional time at a rental location or extra time to allow for inevitable delays in the process.

Consider Your Structure

Are you already aware of structural issues in your building or will you be moving any bathrooms or equipment that will require concrete to be cut out to accommodate for under floor power or plumbing? Make sure any improvements that need to happen before the installation goes forward are included in your quotes.

Now that you’ve considered some basic factors to keep in mind while you’re planning your project, you can develop a solid budget to cover all your expenses and minimize nasty surprises. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, contact Liquid Floors for more information or to get a quote on your flooring project, contact Liquid Floors today. We’re always happy to help.