Industrial FlooringA unified look is a pivotal part in building brand awareness and loyalty. By keeping everything the same, you make it easier for your consumers to remember who you are and what you do. You probably already unify the color of your walls, logo and marketing materials, but you may be forgetting one of the largest surfaces in your business: the floor. Often overlooked, your concrete floor is also a reflection of your business, literally and figuratively.

Your company image is extremely important, and your floors should be an extension of that. More and more companies these days are including Environmental Policies to reduce their carbon footprint and help make the Earth a little greener, including Liquid Floors. We know that being Green is important to your company, and it’s important to us as well.

Along those same lines, a clean, polished concrete or epoxy coated industrial floor shows a sign of continued commitment to quality and satisfaction. Consumers are going to know that you are in this for the long run which will make them feel more comfortable with your business. Also, by having a bright, well lit work space, your employees will be more motivated and happier, leading to better customer service. Most importantly, however, is the pride that will come with a shiny, clean coated or polished floor. This will help boost employee morale, and happy employees make happy customers.

Liquid Floor Inc. offers a variety of different ways to customize the look of your industrial floor. You can pick your own custom colors for your epoxy coating, or use a few colors for different areas. Also, we do custom logos that will make any floor look much more professional.