7-23blThe ease of maintenance of polished concrete is one of the many factors that lead business owners to have it installed at their workplace. Whether your polished concrete has a satin finish or has been buffed to a high-gloss sheen, waxing the floor is an unnecessary step in the regular floor maintenance. These tips will help you maintain your polished concrete floors without waxing.

Daily Maintenance

Gritty build up like dirt and soil can scratch your polished floor and may eventually cause it to lose its glossy finish. To remove the dirt from the concrete, dry mop the floor with a microfiber cloth or mop on a daily basis. Do this at the end of the day or in the early morning, before everyone else comes in to work.

Mop Up Spills Right Away

Use a soft, clean mop and clean warm water mixed with mild detergent to wipe up spills immediately. This will prevent your concrete floor from absorbing moisture and stains.

Treat Difficult Stains Directly With Cleaner

Use a preferred cleaning agent or stain remover applied directly to stains to restore stained polished surfaces. Let the cleaning agent sit on the stain for a while before attempting to mop it up, but do not allow the cleaning agent to dry on the floor. Do not use a caustic cleaning material.

Buff with a Floor Cleaner

When cleaning large areas of floor, use an automatic floor cleaner with soft bristle attachments. Stiff bristles will grind dirt and other particles into the floor and may cause the floor to lose its shine over time.

Re-Polish As Needed

Over time your concrete floor may lose some of its natural shine. To restore the floor to its original finish, have it re-polished with a light abrasive material from a professional floor installation company. For best results, work with the contractor who originally installed the floor. This will help ensure that the contractor doing the re-polishing is familiar with the floor and can do the job well.

For more information about maintaining your polished concrete floors, speak with the contractor who installs the flooring at your worksite. He or she may have some good tips and advice for keeping your floors looking their best for many years to come.