polished concrete Liquid Floor Inc. recently completed a polished concrete project in Eastern North Carolina. It was a LEED project, which meant we had to comply with specific requirements in order to help the GC obtain the LEED certification on the building. LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measurements (usgbc.org).


Another focus of the project was on the analysis of the concrete. We had to determine the best polished concrete steps to give the customer the best looking floor. The polish was initially going to be an 800 grit in order to save money on the project. Through our process this floor ended up looking like a 3000 grit polish, greatly exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Overall, it was a great LEED concrete project and everything turned out perfect. At Liquid Floor Inc., we take pride in everything we do and every inch counts. We want to exceed your expectations.