Industrial Epoxy Floor Project

Recently, Liquid Floors received a call from an industrial manufacturer located in eastern Tennessee. They were interested in getting an industrial epoxy floor installation on their floor. Several months prior, we had completed a successful project for them. They called us up again asking if we could go back and work on another industrial epoxy floor project. We gladly accepted and in just one weekend, we transformed the entire atmosphere of their space into something great. We diamond ground the floor and installed epoxy and a urethane topcoat to their old looking floor which gave it a superb shine.

We also just completed some work in a nearby airport hangar and installed a logo on their floor. You can see what the final product looks like below. For this particular client, we utilized a special vinyl logo to get the detail and coloring just right. After that, we installed a UV stable clear coat over the design to protect it and ensure it will last as long as possible. By adding this, it also made the details of the industrial epoxy floor design ‘pop’. Their entire floor looks both professional and appealing just with a few additions.

To see what Liquid Floors can do for your businesses industrial epoxy floor, explore our website and call for a free consultation. We can help you determine what’s best for your space, budget and time frame!