When the alarm sounds, there’s no time for a slip-and-fall accidents. The facility floors fire and public safety officers depend on need to match the strength of these unsung heroes, while ensuring personnel safety. Epoxy floor coatings offer the perfect solution.

Epoxy Floor Coatings – Keeping Fire & Public Safety Personnel Safe

The flooring needs of a fire and public safety facility are unique. Surfaces need to provide non-slip properties to keep personnel safe, while being durable enough to house heavy loads such as ambulances, fire engines, and police transportation. Here are four reasons why epoxy floor coatings are up to the challenge:

  • 1.  Slip Resistance.  Keeping personnel safe is vital. In fact, our safety depends on it. The alarm can sound at any time and when it does, slip resistance is key to employee safety. Epoxy coatings can be formulated to include silica sand and then grout coated to provide a non-slip surface, even in a wet environment.
  • 2.  Durability.  There are few flooring options as durable as epoxy. Epoxy is tough enough to hold up under the daily abuse of ambulances, fire engines, and police transportation. Of course, if it can withstand these loads, handling heavy foot traffic is a breeze.
  • 3.  Impact Resistance.  The proper epoxy floor coating does more than simply hold its own under heavy loads, it also offers fantastic impact resistance. Why does that matter? You know all the heavy tools and equipment that’s needed to maintain safety vehicles? Well, epoxy floor coatings offer protection from the impact of dropped tools, which can permanently damage a floor’s surface.
  • 4.  Easy Clean-Up.  Clean-up is a concern in public and safety facilities. Repair bays easily become soiled with oil which results in a slippery environment. When you choose epoxy floor coatings for your facility, clean-up is minimal due to the coatings integral cove base. By installing a slope to drain feature, wash-downs require hardly any time at all, which means our public safety officers can get back to what they do best – protecting us.

These are just four of the many reasons epoxy floor coatings are the right choice for public and safety facilities. Need a few more questions answered before you commit to a flooring choice? Contact us today, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.