​Preparing an Industrial Facility Floor for Polymer Flooring Installation

It is absolutely critical that your concrete floors are properly prepared for the application and installation of polymer flooring. There are many different ways to prepare a floor for coating and it is critical that the proper preparation steps are taken

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​ How Anti-Microbial Flooring Can Help Protect Industrial Facilities

Anti-microbial flooring systems provide a number of benefits for manufacturing and industrial facilities including airplane hangars, pharma, automotive and more.  In this article, we talk about some of the situations These floor systems provide a powerful level of protection from

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​How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Chemical Resistant Floors

Whether your facility is susceptible to oil leaks from vehicles like airplanes and trucks or chemical spills related to the manufacturing of products, having the right flooring protection in place is critical to the safety of your employees.  However, the

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