Concrete Coating ApplicationSwitching over to a concrete coating application may work wonders for your business environment. It’s stylish, modern, and easy to clean. Once you decide you are going to install epoxy flooring, putting together an effective plan is key. Here are a few suggestions:

Schedule your project

Depending on how large the area is, this could take a significant amount of time to complete. It’s best to work with the contractor on timelines to make sure your business continues to operate and the contractors have the time and space they need.

Find out what the contractor needs

There are a few things that are imperative for the project to be successful. You need to make sure you have all the requirements, such as adequate power, heat/cool capabilities, water, construction dumpsters, restroom/break areas for the work team.

Inform your staff

Your staff must be informed about the work that is going to take place. They must be prepped on what floors are being installed, and any safety precautions they must adhere to. It may be possible that on certain days, they will have to vacate the building.

Be ready for the process

All of your equipment and furniture must be relocated to another area until your flooring is done. The floor should be swept and clean.

Meet the contractors when they arrive

This will give you an opportunity to get to know the contractors. This way, you can guide them to the area that will be refinished and the other areas of importance they should be aware of.

Be available

It’s best to be available throughout the installation process to answer any questions for the contractors that may arise.

Curing Time

Once the process is complete, you must have time built into the schedule to allow the floor time to cure before bringing the furniture, equipment, and employees back in.

Once the floor is cured, you will have a beautiful concrete coating floor that you can be proud of! With minimal maintenance required, this will upgrade the look and feel of your space while providing maximum functionality. For more information on how you can obtain a quote and consultation, contact the team at Liquid Floors today!