Epoxy is often thought of as being the ideal covering for concrete flooring. For a range of industrial and commercial spaces, epoxy coatings provide a great deal of protection and visual appeal. These types of floorings are notorious for getting a great deal of high-energy traffic in the form of motorized vehicles as well as those that handle materials. There are some floor substrates that are not suitable for coverage with epoxy, though.


Wood flooring is notorious for its give and flexibility. This is especially true of them as they age and are exposed to wear and tear. This is something that should be considered even if a wood floor is new. Due to the likelihood of the floor becoming structurally compromised at some point, applying epoxy coatings to it within an industrial space is not typically recommended.

Untreated Concrete Floors

For businesses that have untreated concrete flooring, epoxy is the natural choice for providing a superior level of coverage and protection. However, depending on the amount of time that the floor has been untreated as well as the type of traffic it has sustained, the substrate could have become structurally compromised. Depending on the depth of the damage, it is possible that a professional who is experienced with epoxy flooring covering could repair it. This has the potential of saving the business a great deal of money when compared to replacing the entire floor.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are often a popular choice for those businesses that want an economical replacement flooring material in their kitchen or bathroom. While many manufacturers of such tiles insist that no sealant is necessary, you might begin to notice cracking and peeling. Applying epoxy to them is a natural thought, but this type of substrate does not lend itself to being a suitable application surface. Because ceramic tiles are hard-fired for durability, they are extremely slick. Before epoxy coating can be applied to a substrate, the material must be properly prepared for correct adherence. It is nearly impossible to do so with ceramic tiles.

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