7-9bSmart flooring choices are your first line of defense against worksite accidents like slips, trips or falls. The right flooring can also help you manage your work force to ensure that worker traffic is well managed and safe.

Non-Slip Flooring Prevents Slips, Trips and Falls

According to the National Flooring Safety Institute, 1 million people slip and go to the emergency room every year. Slip-resistant floors prevent worker slips while also increasing worker walking speeds and boosting productivity. This type of protection is especially important in work sites where vertical falls present a risk, as slip-resistance can prevent slips that lead to vertical falls.

Well-Marked Flooring Can Direct Traffic Flow

Lines, arrows, and pathways on the worksite floor direct employee traffic and prevent bottlenecks and traffic jams. Directional lines also establish specific areas for foot traffic and vehicular traffic, keeping them separate from one another and therefore safer.

While floor paint can be used to establish these lines, floor paint wears away quickly and must be maintained constantly. If floor paint is not maintained properly, this can lead to accidents. A safer option is the use of industrial epoxy coating, they are more durable, give brighter color options and last significantly longer than floor paint.

Color-Coated Flooring Can Establish “Work Zones”

Use of color-coated flooring to establish work zones keeps different types of workers separate as they accomplish their various tasks. Containing workers can prevent accidents by keeping administrative staff away from large pieces of equipment and by ensuring that only the qualified workers are present amongst hazardous chemicals and other workplace hazards.

Non-Skid Additive

When installing an epoxy floor, a non-skid additive can be added to help prevent slips and falls. There are different types of additives and some are better than others. Aluminum Oxide is the best additive to add to your epoxy floor.

Epoxy flooring can be made slip resistant and can be color coated. Installing epoxy flooring at your work site can lower your accident rates and keep your workers safe. Over time, this can save your company money on worker’s compensation insurance and paid time off. To find out more information about how epoxy flooring can benefit your company and your company’s safety record, contact Liquid Floors today.