Company Name: Dekalb Tech

Type of Industry: College

City: Atlanta, GA

Category: Epoxy Floor Coating

Decorative Quartz and Logo

Liquid Floors worked with Dekalb Tech in Atlanta, GA.  Dekalb requested that our team install a decorative Quartz logo for one of the high traffic areas on their campus.

Schools like Dekalb naturally have a lot of students who come and go, making highly durable epoxy flooring critical.  This is why Dekalb Tech needed the help of Liquid Floors in order to keep their floors neat, safe and away from wear and tear.

Liquid Floors provides quality & decorative quartz flooring solutions that are sanitary, decorative, slip-resistant and durable. Our team of professionals aim for high-performance as they apply and install epoxy polymer resin, once combined with the mixed color quartz granules. The process results in a multi-functional floor with safety, beauty, durability and superior life span.

Here at Liquid Floors, our epoxy floors do not need special waxes or even buffing to maintain their exceptional look, performance and aesthetics over the years. Epoxy is the coatings are the reason our floors look flawless, elegant, shiny and smooth. We also offer customized patterns for your floor’s design. If you want a decorative, professional and safe epoxy floor coating systems that can withstand the constant foot traffic in your building, we have the combination of strength and beauty you will want to take advantage of.

Ready to take your flooring to the next level?  Call Liquid Floors right now at 877-547-8431 and experience the advantages that our Liquid Floors professional team will create.

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