Company Name: Duke Energy Hangar

Type of Industry: Hangar, Aviation

City: Charlotte, NC

Category: Epoxy Floor Coating

Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC came to Liquid Floors when they needed to Epoxy Coat their hangar floors.  Epoxy flooring is perfect for hangar floors as it is both beautiful and durable.  However, a Liquid Floor epoxy floor isn’t just any epoxy floor.  Liquid Floors ONLY do industrial level floor coatings.  That’s why companies like Duke Energy, BMW and Gulfstream trust Liquid Floors with their concrete.

When looking for epoxy floor installers, Duke needed to find a company that understood the importance of a safe and highly durable floor installation with MINIMAL downtime.  Liquid Floors knows that our industrial customers’ floors have to be installed FAST so that our clients have minimum downtime.

The Duke Energy hangar consists of a passenger terminal, conference center and hangar and was constructed by the Edison Foard construction company.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy serves over 7.2 million customers and uses the hangar for a number of business related reasons.

Liquid Floors is not new to the aviation industry serving companies like Gulfstream and coating other hangars throughout the southeast.  Epoxy Floor Coatings are the ideal industrial floor solution for hangars as they provide the perfect combination of durability, chemical resistance and beauty.  Airplanes are beautiful creations and they only look better against the backdrop of one of our gorgeous epoxy floors.

If you are ready to make your hangar or manufacturing facility look beautiful, professional, efficient and durable, call Liquid Floors now at 877-547-8431. Whether you want a complete resurfacing or a simple patch, Liquid Floors has a wide range of solutions for your concrete floors.