Project Description

Company Name: Carolina Auto Auction

Type of Industry: Auto Auction, Automotive

City: Anderson, SC

Category: Epoxy Floor Coating

The Carolina Auto Auction in Anderson, South Carolina required epoxy floor coating for the floors where they run their automotive auction each week. 

The Carolina Auto Auction in Anderson, South Carolina provides vehicle reconditioning, transportation, floor planning and shuttle services. The Carolina Auto Auction company has a 5,500-square-foot facility which features 8 lanes, 55 acres of fenced and developed area, a full-service restaurant and 24-hour security.

The auction came to Liquid Floors wanting us to coat their flooring with epoxy in order to protect and beautify their floors which host thousands of vehicles.

Epoxy floor coating protects the floor from the wear and tear so many cars dish out, while making the auction house professional, beautiful and clean.

Here at Liquid Floors, our epoxy floor coatings help cut down on injuries in the workplace by creating non-slip surfaces for your employees and attendees. The flooring also saves time and money as it requires less maintenance and is easy to clean.

Our team of professionals first grind down the concrete in order to make it accept the epoxy coating and then finally the urethane topcoat.

Our installation team always ensure that our epoxy flooring is installed properly to provide long-lasting and durable protection.

Liquid Floors has a team of professional contractors who can conduct a detailed analysis of your needs in order to provide you the best industrial flooring solutions for your company.  Please do not hesitate to call Liquid Floors at 877 547 8431.