Company Name: Carmel Baptist Church

Type of Industry: Church, Kitchen

City: Charlotte, NC

Category: Epoxy Floor Coating

Cementitious floor, kitchen repair with cove base

While Liquid Floors generally only works with Industrial clients, we made an exception when we worked on the kitchen at Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC.

Carmel’s kitchen area had some cementitious flooring damage, needed epoxy floor coating as well as needed their floor repaired in several areas.  Additionally, Liquid Floors installed a cove base.  Rubber cove basing is ideal for kitchen floors and helps ensure proper drainage.

Our team’s expertise and experience help us provide the best results, advice, installation, strategy, and service.

When installed properly, epoxy coatings can last for decades without peeling or cracking making it popular for both commercial and industrial use.

There is no doubt that a kitchen’s concrete floor is one of its most important assets. Liquid Floors provide professional kitchen floor maintenance using a high-quality epoxy application.

Apart from increasing the durability of the floor, our epoxy coatings require less maintenance throughout the years saving you money. Once you have one of our floors installed in your hangar, warehouse or kitchen floor, you will fully understand the advantage of having a Liquid Floor.

Allow our team to help you decide which floor coating you will need for your industrial flooring needs. Please do not hesitate to call Liquid Floors at 877 547 8431.