Company Name: Grifols

Type of Industry: Pharmaceutical

City: Raleigh, NC

Category: Epoxy Floor Coating

Liquid Floors worked with Grifols located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Grifols is a global healthcare company that provides life-saving protein therapies and tools for pharmacies, healthcare, and hospitals.

Being in the pharmaceutical industry, Grifols needs to have a clean and safe environment every day, so they can safely produce all the tools, life-saving proteins and medicines they are known for. In order to help them accomplish this, Liquid Floors came in and installed epoxy floor coatings with a decorative flake broadcast and cove edging.

When clients like Grifols need to invigorate their concrete flooring, they call Liquid Floors.  Epoxy flooring is used for areas that require a high-performance attractive floor that is safe, durable and especially chemical resistant.

Here at Liquid Floors, we strive to make your floors look beautiful, clean, safe. We are experts in epoxy floor coating and concrete polishing and we do everything we can to ensure we give our clients the best result.

Whether you want decorative coatings including decorative flake, mma stains, quartz broadcast or metallic epoxies or line striping or your basic epoxy coatings, our floors provide exceptional wear characteristics.  

Are you in need of a decorative design or epoxy coatings for your pharmaceutical company? We assure you a great experience, service, and results from Liquid Floors. Call Liquid Floors now at 877-547-8431.