Epoxy Floors and Cove Base

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Often we see specifications that call for an epoxy floor and cove base.  Most specifications will detail the epoxy floors, application procedures and application thickness. Unfortunately, many specifications will not detail what is required for a cove base.  There are numerous options for cove base and when left open to interpretation can cause confusion and

Epoxy Flooring Installation for New Construction

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It’s time to upgrade your facility – expansion or building a new building, either one brings on extra work and headaches!  However, that is a good thing because your business is growing. And with that expansion comes new epoxy flooring. Take a minute to read the following tips and alleviate a few headaches on the

Moisture and Epoxy Floors – Get to the Core of the Problem

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Moisture and epoxy floors. Well, those words do not go together! During my 20+ years in the epoxy flooring business I bet I have said a thousand times, “whoever figures out how to stop floor failures because of moisture will be rich!” While I do not believe anyone has totally figured it out, I

How Thick Should My Epoxy Flooring Be?

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When it comes to installing new epoxy floors in your commercial, industrial or manufacturing facility, you may be asking yourself, "How thick should my epoxy flooring be?"  The thickness of the epoxy depends on the current conditions of your floor, the “decorative” look you want and the type of business. Epoxy Thicknesses Epoxy thicknesses can

Easy Steps to Perfect Commercial Floors with Liquid Floors

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Congratulations on your new floor coating! You now have a true world-class product that will make your facility safer, more attractive, and easier to maintain over the long haul. As with all smart investments, however, a little maintenance is required to get the most returns. With that in mind, here is a list of easy

Why is Quality Flooring for Hangars and Maintenance Bays a “Must-Have?”

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Epoxy floors for hangars and maintenance bays in the Aerospace industry must be durable, stain and chemical resistant, and non-skid. This can make it difficult for facilities managers to find high-quality flooring for hangars and maintenance bays that meets their industry's unique needs. Thankfully, epoxy floors have proven to be durable and spill resistant against

Why Floor Preparation is Important – Epoxy Flooring?

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Epoxy floor coatings are durable and affordable. They are a perfect solution if you’re looking to cover a concrete surface in a time-effective manner. To get the most benefit from these products, however, it’s important to first prepare the area for treatment. Fortunately, the process is simple and straightforward. Here’s a look at our basic

Flooring Maintenance Tips for High-Traffic Areas

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Areas that see high traffic can be particularly brutal for floors. This could be somewhere such as a busy hospital that might see thousands of feet traverse its hallways each day or an industrial plant that must endure the added burden of forklifts and pallet jacks as well as numerous footsteps. Following some basic floor

Which Types of Flooring Can Epoxy Be Applied To?

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Epoxy is often thought of as being the ideal covering for concrete flooring. For a range of industrial and commercial spaces, epoxy coatings provide a great deal of protection and visual appeal. These types of floorings are notorious for getting a great deal of high-energy traffic in the form of motorized vehicles as well as