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Best Lab Flooring: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Vinyl, or Sealed Concrete?

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When choosing the best lab flooring, there are special considerations for every facility. Most labs need flooring that's durable, resistant to spills, and long-wearing. Most labs will also need flooring that can help maintain a controlled environment and reduce potential contaminants.  Some labs may have additional electrostatic requirements, require extra fireproofing, or need heat-resistant flooring

4 Reasons Why Epoxy Floors May Be Your Ideal Industrial Flooring System

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Finding the ideal industrial flooring system for a space and facility can be a huge concern. It is crucial to have the right flooring to maintain productivity and minimize risk of damage and injury. Not to mention it has to look good, be easy to maintain, and last. Epoxy flooring offers facility managers and owners

Liquid QuickTalks: What is Diamond Grinding?

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In this interview with Lee Davis of Liquid Floors we talk about diamond grinding as a preparation for Epoxy Floor Coating. Interviewer: We're here with Lee Davis of Liquid Floors.  Liquid Floors are the premiere industrial floor coating and concrete polishing company in the southeast and today we're talking about something called "diamond grinding" which,

Liquid QuickTalks – All About Cove Base

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In this interview with Lee Davis, President of Liquid Floors, Inc. we talk about Cove Base and how it adds that extra look and protection to your epoxy flooring. Interviewer: Great, and first of all tell me about this, one of the things that I see a lot is called Cove Base. Lee: Right, yep.

How Epoxy Flake Flooring Can Make a Facility Beautiful & Functional

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One of the benefits of installing Epoxy Floor Coating Systems into any facility is the beauty they provide. Let's face it.  Concrete in its "naked" form is not extremely attractive.  That dull, gray look isn't generally winning any style awards.  Epoxy Flake Flooring is one way to make your floors beautiful as well as functional. In the past

4 Ways Clear Resin Topcoats Will Improve Your Industrial Facility

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Epoxy floor coatings with  improve the appearance, longevity and durability of many types of industrial facilities. When Liquid Floors installs epoxy floor coatings, we often suggest an additional layer of clear epoxy resin in the form of Clear Resin Topcoats in order to further protect and beautify your new liquid floor. Clear resin topcoats provide an additional

Epoxy Flooring vs. Bare Cement

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Epoxy flooring vs. bare cement. Which is ideal for industrial or manufacturing facilities? Not all industrial or manufacturing facilities are alike and many Facility managers do not feel the need for epoxy floor coatings and instead carry-on with the cement floors that came with the facility. In this article, we are looking at the benefits

​Preparing an Industrial Facility Floor for Polymer Flooring Installation

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It is absolutely critical that your concrete floors are properly prepared for the application and installation of polymer flooring. There are many different ways to prepare a floor for coating and it is critical that the proper preparation steps are taken based on the current status of the flooring to be coated. Clean the Floor The

​ How Anti-Microbial Flooring Can Help Protect Industrial Facilities

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Anti-microbial flooring systems provide a number of benefits for manufacturing and industrial facilities including airplane hangars, pharma, automotive and more.  In this article, we talk about some of the situations These floor systems provide a powerful level of protection from a number of dangerous fungi, bacteria and algae. Anti-microbial flooring solutions do not change the

​How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Chemical Resistant Floors

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Whether your facility is susceptible to oil leaks from vehicles like airplanes and trucks or chemical spills related to the manufacturing of products, having the right flooring protection in place is critical to the safety of your employees.  However, the right flooring goes beyond protecting your facility or the people inside it.  It can also

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