Throughout our blog series into which is better, epoxy floor coatings or concrete floor polishing we’ve compared the aesthetic features, the chemical resistance, and the cost of installation of the two. You can read more about attractive concrete floors options here, chemical resistant concrete floor options here, and the cost of installation for concrete floor options here.

The best option for you of course depends on your needs, wants and objectives.  Are you comparing aesthetics, chemical resistance, cost of installation, ease of cleaning, or long-term maintenance?  We’re going into detail on all of these different needs and wants through a multi-part blog series.

In this installment post of the series, we’re looking at the ease of cleaning after application between epoxy coating and concrete polishing. 


Ease of Cleaning for Concrete Floor Polishing and Epoxy Coating

Which is easier to clean, concrete polishing or epoxy coatings?  Well that is a loaded question.  I just wish that my customers would clean!  I have customers that recoat on a regular basis that I tell “this does not need to be recoated it just needs cleaning.”  Yet, they insist on coating. Knowing the right time to clean and the right time to coat is one of our skill sets, listen to us, we do this for a living.

The first question to as is how are you cleaning?  If you are using a mop and bucket, then I hate to break it to you, but you are not cleaning.  While you may be picking up the big stuff or cleaning up the spill, inevitably you are just mopping dirty water around.  No matter if you have polished concrete, epoxy coatings or just plain old concrete you need an auto scrubber. 

Auto scrubbers use detergent and brushes with down pressure to aggressively loosen contaminants and then vacuum them up and squeegee dry the floor, all in one convenient step. Coatings and polished concrete can require different types of  brushes and cleaners so the floor is not damaged during the cleaning.

Ease of cleaning is a tie when it comes to polished concrete or epoxy coatings.  The main take from this article, when it comes to cleaning your concrete floors, just do it.  Liquid Floors, Inc. does not sell scrubbers but we can lead you to the right people to make scrubber recommendations, selecting the correct brushes and cleaning chemicals for your particular flooring. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your floors are taken care of, the right way!


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