Company Name: Southern Jet

Type of Industry: Hangar, Aviation

City: Raleigh, NC

Category: Epoxy Floor Coating

When Southern Jet came to Liquid Floors to re-coat their aircraft hangar floors they wanted flooring that was stunning to look at, chemical resistant, durable and safe.

Liquid Floors installed epoxy floor coatings for Southern Jet’s hangar in Raleigh, NC.  Having installed epoxy coatings in a number of hangars across the southeast, Liquid Floors was more than ready to take on the task.  As you can see from the photo, the flooring turned out beautiful with a white glossy background enhanced by blue and silver line striping.

Liquid Floors aims to provide the best floor coatings for hangars, aviation areas, industrial uses, manufacturing companies and warehouses. We understand that these kind of businesses are very busy with the number of customers and employees that they need to serve everyday.

With airplanes coming in and out of hangars on a weekly if not daily basis, Liquid Floors knows how important it is to get the job done fast.  Epoxy flooring is very beneficial for aircraft hangars for a number of reasons.

Knowing how busy the employees and clients of businesses like Southern Jet are, Liquid Floors understands the need to get the job done fast and within YOUR timetable.  Our epoxy floor coatings are affordable, chemical and spill resistant, safe, durable and attractive.  They can also be color coated as in the picture above and additionally, we can add line striping, logos and other imagery as needed or requested.

With Liquid Floors, your epoxy floors will not need any special waxes or even continuous buffing to maintain their beautiful look, high-quality performance and aesthetics over the years. Epoxy coatings are the reason why our concrete floors look elegant, flawless, shiny and smooth.

Wondering who does epoxy floors in your area?  Liquid Floors serves ALL OF THE SOUTHEAST.  Call us at 877-547-8431. Our team assures you a great experience every time you work with Liquid Floors.