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Beautiful & Strong Polished Concrete Solutions

Our concrete polishing contractors in Charlotte, NC make your floors beautiful and strong without having to apply a permanent coating. Our expert technicians will grind down the top layer of your concrete floor to remove blemishes and imperfections and then apply chemicals to make the surface durable and stain-resistant. Once we do a final polish, you’ll have the easy, long-lasting, and appealing floors that you and your business need and deserve. When you’re looking for concrete polishing contractors in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas, we’re your top choice.

How Can Our Concrete Polishing Experts Help with Your Flooring Needs?

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Benefits of Liquid Floors’ Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete floors do not need to be waxed and buffed, which saves time and money. They can be cleaned and dusted using just a damp mop. Polished concrete flooring is also resistant to chips and cracks.

Liquid Floors industrial concrete polishing

There is no need to purchase a separate chemical application when we polish your floors. To turn the slab into suitable flooring, it is ground down with high-powered floor grinders that use diamond cutters to hone and polish to the desired shine level.

If your building needs light, a polished concrete floor is a great way to add it without more fixtures. Your floor will reflect the light from your current fixtures and windows to make the area look bright, clean, and professional.

Common Applications & Uses for Polished Concrete

We provide concrete polishing contractors in Charlotte, NC for various types of facilities. The most common commercial and industrial facilities where concrete polishing is used include:

  • Chemical Containment
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Hangars / Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Retail
  • Warehouse & Storage
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Technology Centers
  • Recreational Areas
  • And more!

Work With Some of the Top Concrete Polishing Contractors in Greenville, NC

For strong and beautiful polished concrete floors, turn to Liquid Floors. Our team of concrete polishing contractors in Charlotte, NC works exclusively for Liquid Floors and have extensive experience polishing concrete flooring at facilities across the southeast.

Let one of our local polishing specialists work with you to select the best polished concrete solution for your needs and budget. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!

Serving the Southeast with the Best in Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Polishing

For over a decade, Liquid Floors has provided commercial and industrial customers throughout the Southeast with top-of-the-line flooring solutions. With offices in Greenville, SC and Charlotte, NC, we are ideally situated to serve businesses and industries in the following states:

To find out more about the benefits of our different flooring solutions or to learn more about our techniques – contact us for a free estimate today.

Concrete Polishing FAQ

Is polished concrete slippery when wet?2022-10-31T17:29:13+00:00

Even though it looks shiny and slippery, polished concrete is actually slip resistant.

How do you maintain polished concrete floors?2022-10-31T17:28:57+00:00

Polished concrete floors require very little maintenance. They can be dusted and cleaned using a damp mop.

Do you offer decorative polished concrete solutions?2022-10-31T17:28:37+00:00

Yes! At Liquid Floors, we offer decorative polished concrete solutions. There are endless possibilities when it comes to stains, dyes, coloring, and the level of sheen for polished concrete floors.

Can all concrete be polished?2022-10-31T17:28:16+00:00

Essentially any structurally sound concrete floor—old or new—can be polished with proper preparation.

What does concrete polishing do?2022-10-31T17:26:39+00:00

Concrete polishing transforms porous concrete into a much denser concrete floor that repels water, oil, chemicals, etc.

How much does it cost to polish concrete floors?2022-10-31T17:32:24+00:00

The cost of polished concrete varies by square footage, necessary preparation, design options, and the complexity of the project. To get a free estimate for concrete floor polishing, contact us today!

How long does concrete polishing take?2022-10-31T17:31:30+00:00

Concrete floor polishing typically takes 2 to 3 days. The length of time it will take also depends on how much preparation the existing floor needs before it can be polished. However, you can use the floor as soon as the polishing is done.

How long do polished concrete floors last?2022-10-31T17:30:20+00:00

Polished concrete floors can last 20 years or more without needing to be polished again, which is significantly longer than most other flooring solutions.

Is polished concrete flooring cost effective?2022-10-31T17:29:31+00:00

Polished concrete flooring is extremely cost effective. The price of concrete polishing is significantly less than other floor coating or floor replacement options.

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