1-21bEpoxy floors are a great solution for high traffic areas. They are easy to clean and maintain, and will lessen upkeep expenses that usually occur with high-maintenance floors. Although epoxy is durable and can withstand a number of elements, there are a few ways to extend the life of your floors before you have to get them redone:

  • Keep them clean

One of the best ways to maintain the life of the floor is to keep it clean. Sweep it daily and run a automatic scrubber over it at least once a week. Make sure to use a ph neutral detergent. This will ensure your floor is properly maintained and will maintain its luster.

  • Use mats

If your floor is in a warehouse or facility where a lot of machinery is used, mats will help protect the flooring. This will also work as a safety measure for employees who are on their feet most of the day. Placing mats at the doorway will also deter dirt and other debris from being tracked on the floor.

  • Address stains immediately

If you notice any stains on the floor, remove them quickly with a light scrubbing pad. This will keep the floors nice and will significantly lengthen the life of the flooring.

When operating heavy machinery that can damage the floor, using extra supports to balance the weight and avoid dropping heavy items on the floor will go a long way.

How long will my epoxy floor last when properly maintained?

When properly maintained, an epoxy floor can last for years. The key is in making the maintenance and upkeep of the floor a priority. In high traffic areas, the lifespan can extend far beyond expectancy if there are little to no spills, there is not a lot of foot and machine traffic, and the floor is swept and scrubbed on a regular basis.

How can I determine whether or not an epoxy floor is right for me?

Epoxy flooring is useful in a number of industries, and home usage. It is best to assess your needs and what type of activity will be done on the floor.

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