Farm to Table Food Safety: How resinous coatings can protect your customers and bottom line.

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When the day ends and you fire up the grill or sit down at your favorite restaurant, food safety is most likely not at the top of your priority list.  Sure, most people are washing their hands, keeping raw and cooked food separated, and keeping foods at safe temperatures.  If you go out to a

Epoxy Floors for Jacksonville’s Aerospace Component Facility.

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The foundation of flight safety often has little to do with the aircraft itself or the pilot in the cockpit. Trained technicians working to build the key components to aircraft play a pivotal role in flight safety. From the manufacturing of the fuselage to the specialized avionic microchips, your personnel and manufacturing facility set the

Increase Your Floors Light Reflective Value with Polished Concrete

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In a world that is increasingly concerned with energy-saving and green building solutions, lighting systems are changing to meet market demand. Commercial, industrial and retail sectors are all adopting these modern solutions to lower electrical bills and conserve energy. Even with access to modern technology, engineers still find it difficult to predict or control reflection.

How to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy floors have long been the go-to flooring for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and a large variety of other venues. It’s known for its easy installation, durability, and overall ease of maintenance. So how exactly do you keep this type of floor in its prime condition and what's the upkeep like? Let's review

A Guide to Marking Warehouse Floors with Epoxy Coatings

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A warehouse floor is a busy place. People moving from one corner to another intermingled, with warehouse machinery sounds like a technological utopia. However, all this interaction without proper demarcation is a recipe for serious accidents and injuries. It's common for warehouses to have floor markings, either by using colored epoxy flooring or high visibility

Epoxy Flooring Fire Resistance: Fire & Public Safety Facilities

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Epoxy flooring has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it's more than just a style decision! Epoxy makes a long-lasting, low-cost, low-maintenance flooring choice that is also aesthetically pleasing. This flooring system's functionality also includes impact sound reduction, fire resistance, and slip resistance.  There are many benefits to having flooring installed by epoxy experts.

Best Lab Flooring: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Vinyl, or Sealed Concrete?

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When choosing the best lab flooring, there are special considerations for every facility. Most labs need flooring that's durable, resistant to spills, and long-wearing. Most labs will also need flooring that can help maintain a controlled environment and reduce potential contaminants.  Some labs may have additional electrostatic requirements, require extra fireproofing, or need heat-resistant flooring

4 Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

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There are multiple benefits of concrete floor polishing, but even more so for certain industries. The floor of an industrial space undergoes a great deal of wear and tear. Whether this is the result of foot traffic, vehicular traffic, or a combination, the benefits of concrete floor polishing are great. Additionally, an epoxy coating can

3 Ways That Epoxy Floors Improve Your Business

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3 Ways that Epoxy Floors Improve Your Business When it comes to industrial flooring, we know that you have many choices at your fingertips. From polished concrete to beautifully colored epoxy coatings, the right flooring choice can actually help improve your business. Epoxy floors improve your business in 3 major ways: Attractive Flooring Is Impressive

Our Epoxy Flooring Installation Checklist

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Epoxy Flooring Installation Checklist Step 1: Schedule the Installation Step 2: Clean the Surface Step 3: Repair Chips and Cracks Step 4: Clear the Installation Surface Prior to Installation Step 5: Plan to Remain Available Having epoxy flooring installed is a great way to ensure that your concrete floors look great and serve your business

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