The right industrial flooring can make a huge difference in your facility or workspace. According to Verified Market Research, the epoxy floor market was estimated to reach $3.5 billion by 2023. This means that the industry is popular, and will continue to be. Industrial flooring requires abrasion resistance from foot and vehicle traffic as well as compressive strength to stand up to the equipment being used on it. Industrial flooring also needs to meet certain safety standards as well. Let’s look at a few of the options available to you for industrial flooring needs.


One of the most common types of flooring you’ll find with an industrial floor coating company is concrete. Concrete is considered to be a reliable standby option for most industrial applications. Concrete can be applied directly to existing flooring or it can be polished for a more aesthetic appearance. Not only does polishing make the flooring more attractive looking, but it also helps to seal and protect the surface as well.

Concrete is a popular option as it is very low maintenance. It can stand up against oil and other surface contaminants. It’s easily washed which is important if your facility flooring is exposed to chemicals. This can dramatically improve workplace safety.


An epoxy flooring starts with a concrete floor. The base concrete floor is then covered in a mixture of hardening chemicals and resin. This creates a hard sealant on the floor. Once the epoxy is hardened, the coating is irreversible. The resulting hard material has great durability, strength, and longevity. Epoxy can be added to a concrete floor to extend the lifespan and lower the maintenance. Epoxy is often a preferred type of flooring as it has the most attractive appearance for industrial flooring.

Urethane and Polyurethane

These options are similar to epoxy as it produce a hard-wearing resin flooring system. However, this option is usually chosen if the setting has frequent physical impact, point loading, or equipment traffic. This type of process creates a much denser molecular bond during the curing process which results in a stronger overall floor. This would be considered a premium option.

These are a few of the most popular industrial flooring options that you can discuss with an industrial floor coating company. If you’re looking for industrial flooring professionals in your area, please contact Liquid Floors today. We are here for your flooring needs.