When you’re trying to choose a protective floor covering for your home or business, an epoxy floor coating deserves serious consideration. These durable resin-based coatings provide awesome protection for concrete floors. They also guard against wear and tear, moisture damage, stains, and impact from heavy objects. As you look into flooring solutions, here’s what you should know about how epoxy can enhance your floors.

Moisture Protection

Leaving concrete exposed means spills, flooding, or excessive moisture can seep in and wreck the integrity of the floor. In our experience, an epoxy coating seals all that moisture out by forming an impenetrable barrier on top of the concrete. Any dampness simply can’t penetrate the floor and cause cracks, peeling, lifted tiles, or mold growth. Epoxy adds major spill resistance too, so you can wipe up water, oils, and even chemicals without staining or erosion of the surface.

Impact Resistance

Let’s face it, unprotected concrete suffers from the daily grind — people walking on it, heavy objects dropping on it, and furniture shuffling around. From what we’ve seen, the dense, reinforced structure of epoxy makes it impact-resistant compared to bare concrete. When something thick and heavy crashes down, epoxy flexes and bounces instead of chipping, cracking, or gouging. This extreme durability ensures your floors stay smooth and stellar-looking.

Improved Look

Let’s face it, plain gray concrete is kind of gloomy and dreary, right? However, an epoxy floor coating lets you transform that into something eye-catching. We’re talking cool textures, patterns, and even faux wood or marble finishes. Want a super modern high-gloss sheen? Or, maybe you’d prefer funky chips and colored flecks? Pick any colors and designs to match your style or brand. Drab concrete floors will be no more!

Easy Maintenance

Sealing and waxing concrete is a royal pain, but leaving it bare lets dirt accumulate in scratches and pores. We’ve seen that epoxy forms a seamless, non-porous surface that repels grime; dust and muddy footprints sit right on top of it for easy cleaning instead of soaking in. We believe that mopping with water is often all you need and no harsh chemicals are required.

According to Grand View Research, between 2023 and 2030, the epoxy floor industry is expected to experience 5% growth. This is because an epoxy floor coating offers so many benefits. With their tough barrier and decorative effects, epoxies keep your floors both beautiful and brawny for years before reapplication is needed. If you’re looking to have an epoxy floor coating installed, let us help. Call Liquid Floors today to learn more.