The foundation of flight safety often has little to do with the aircraft itself or the pilot in the cockpit. Trained technicians working to build the key components to aircraft play a pivotal role in flight safety. From the manufacturing of the fuselage to the specialized avionic microchips, your personnel and manufacturing facility set the stage for flight success. A ten-year study by the FFA revealed that 15% of major aviation accidents were caused by mechanical and maintenance errors. Providing a state-of-the-art manufacturing and maintenance facility is more critical than ever for aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Ensuring the safety of passengers and crew begins on the ground with a clean, well-lit, and safe manufacturing environment. The team at Liquid Floors has more than 20 years of experience providing quality epoxy floors to the aviation industry. When a new component operations facility in Jacksonville, Florida was in search of a durable epoxy flooring system our team stepped in. This was a new construction project and Jacksonville was chosen for several reasons. Jacksonville is regarded as the most veteran- and military-friendly city in the United States. This has led to Jacksonville becoming a world-renowned center for aerospace and defense work. Also, JAXPORT’s harbor, combined with rail facilities and three interstates make it ideal for manufacturing facilities.
The component operations facility’s epoxy floor needs were very similar to those of other aircraft manufacturers. The areas requiring resinous coatings consisted of the composite repair lab, clean room, and multiple IT rooms. With this being a fast-paced new construction project moisture levels in the concrete are always a factor. As a base layer, we applied cementitious urethane with broadcast media. ProRez Coatings ProKrete SLB was used to provide a moisture-tolerant, impact-resistant base layer. This resinous flooring system required the concrete to be shot blasted to open the pores of the concrete. This allows the mortar to adhere to the existing concrete slab and create a strong bond. We have found the Husqvarna 2-20DT to be very efficient at creating the profile needed. ProKrete has detailed mixing instructions and is applied with a cam rake at ¼”. After application, the surface is then broadcast with flint shot to increase strength and provide a slip-resistant surface. Slip-resistant floor coatings improve working conditions and are critical for their safety while producing these precision aerospace products. For the topcoat chemical resistance and light reflectivity were the most important factors. Chemical-resistant epoxy flooring is the perfect flooring solution to meet these needs. ProRez Propoxy CR was applied to create a reflective surface and to withstand any harsh chemicals such as SKYDROL used in the manufacturing process.
The stunning results will ensure that safety remains a top priority for years to come. Creating a world-class manufacturing facility also leads to recruiting world-class talent. These industry professionals are critical to ensuring flight safety for us all. If you have an upcoming epoxy floor project or would like to discuss a problem area in your manufacturing facility the team at Liquid Floors is here to help. We can provide recommendations and specifications or design a flooring system tailored to your unique needs. Not all customers are the same and we pride ourselves on creating solutions that exceed expectations. Please visit Liquid Floors, Inc. YouTube Channel for more information or schedule a site visit from one of our experienced flooring consultants.

Contributed by James Eller – Sales Manager Liquid Floors, Inc.