If you’re seeking a new flooring solution, polished concrete flooring may fit your needs. While this flooring has been around for some time, there has been an increase in its popularity in recent years. The benefits of polished concrete floors are many, but here we pull out five of its benefits to determine if this flooring is right for you and your facility.

1. Economical

If you’re looking for economical, you really don’t have to look any further than polished concrete. Pricing is comparable to other flooring solutions on the market. Yet, if you do the math to compare each floor’s long-term cost, polished concrete is the least expensive, hands down.

As we’ll mention below, polished concrete, if properly maintained, can last years. Its durability far outlasts other flooring solutions you may be considering. The initial square foot costs will be down to cents when you consider the lifetime costs compared to others on the market.

2. Easy Care

Caring for a polished concrete floor is no different, if not easier, than caring for other flooring solutions. A daily sweep and a weekly scrubbing with an auto scrubber will keep your floors shiny and long lasting. The floor is resistant to tire marks made by forklifts and vehicles, which means less scrubbing by you and your team.

While the surface isn’t impervious and is susceptible to oil and grease stains, there is no need to wax, polish or shine your floors. Even with the heaviest of traffic, polished concrete floors will keep their luster for years.

3. Longevity

When considering the economical aspect of your flooring, as we noted above, polished concrete floors almost pay for themselves, mainly because of the long life they are known to have. Polished concrete lasts for years with minimal upkeep.

4. No Concrete Dusting

Oftentimes, the wear and tear of an unpolished concrete floor results in what experts call ‘concrete dusting.’ This ‘dusting’ is essentially the material breaking down into a fine powder, which can appear around cracks, seams, and dents. This dusting is not only a nuisance, but also is also unsanitary and can interfere with delicate equipment and manufactured goods.

What’s great about polished concrete floors is that the dusting is greatly reduced. No need to worry about the wearing of the floor underneath you because its polish is protecting the concrete.

5. Energy Efficient

Polished concrete is a natural, sustainable solution that can help save on your electricity bill, too. This flooring’s ability to reflect ambient and natural lighting is impeccable. When installed, you’ll notice that its sheen will allow you to have fewer lights on yet still get your desired aesthetic.

The reflection and shine of the polished concrete can increas e natural and artificial light in large spaces.


There are several more benefits to what polished concrete flooring can bring to your facility. Hopefully these few helped show you how it can be a solution for your space. If you have any additional questions regarding installation, pricing, or maintenance, reach out to Liquid Floors for a free consultation. https://liquidfloors.com/