3webEpoxy floor coatings can beautify your existing industrial concrete floor and extend its useful life, but the epoxy must be installed correctly with proper surface preparation. Our concrete flooring professionals have noticed that doing these five things can greatly extend the useful life of your epoxy flooring.

Proper Floor Prep

Proper floor prep is essential for ensuring the epoxy adheres to the concrete flooring. Without it, the coating may separate from the concrete, dramatically reducing its useful life.

  • Concrete Flooring Cleaned and Swept
  • Joints and Cracks Properly Sealed
  • Floor Leveled
  • Surface Diamond Grinding

Prior to the installation of the epoxy floor coatings, the entire floor must be cleaned and swept to remove dirt, dust, and debris. All joints and cracks must be properly sealed and uneven areas must be leveled. The final preparation involves grinding the surface of the concrete with special diamond grinders. This step opens the pores of the concrete so that it is ready to accept the epoxy flooring.


Concrete coatings work best when they are applied in layers. The first layer is considered the primer. It is the initial coating of epoxy that starts the process of sealing and protecting your concrete floors against chemical and water spills. Failing to apply a primer coat can greatly reduce the useful life of your concrete flooring.


The basecoat is the meat of the epoxy coating. During this step, color can be added to give the floor a custom look and enhance the surrounding décor. If you need a non-skid surface, components can be added to give the floor a texture.


The last layer is called the topcoat. It finishes sealing the floor and adds durability and shine, which can amplify ambient light to reduce utility costs and provide a safer work environment for employees.

Curing Time

The epoxy flooring should be given ample time to dry and cure before heavy equipment is brought back into the area. Employees should also not walk on the flooring until it has properly dried. Once the flooring has cured, it is incredibly hard and durable. It is resistant to cracking and staining, and water and chemical spills will not penetrate through the coating into the concrete.

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