Beverage manufacturers and bottling facilities thrive on high output. Major bottling facilities boast quantities in the millions for the number of bottles they produce in a day. Efficiency and high performance are of upmost importance in every area of the plant. For this industry, the manufacturing facilities require a flooring coating solution that performs just as well and as fast as its bottling equipment.

Whether a manufacturing plant bottles a few hundred or a few hundred thousand bottles a day, it requires a high performance flooring solution that can keep up with its daily production. Cementitious urethane is a state of the art choice that will withstand anything that comes its way. This specialized material was designed for extreme settings, whether it be cold, hot, or continual exposure to moisture.

Impenetrable Barrier

When applied correctly, this surface creates an impenetrable barrier between the coating and the concrete slab floor below. This bond will hold regardless of what’s happening on the coating’s surface—making it perfect for a bottling facility’s floors. Working in the beverage industry means the floor is bound to get wet. The last thing any plant or facilities manager wants to deal with is a bubbling or leaking floor, due to constant exposure to liquids and moisture. This flooring solution takes those worries away and ensures a hard and fast seal that will last.

Slip Resistant

Due to the nature of a bottling and beverage plant, it’s a necessity to consider the slip resistant qualities of any flooring solution before installation. While precautions can be taken with the plant employees, by providing rubber soled shoes or sole covers, there are options when choosing the type of floor that should be installed.

Cementitious urethane flooring is customizable in terms of how slip resistant it is. While the standard flooring comes with a certain level of slip resistance, for the beverage and bottling industry, adding more slip resistant components into the formula can help ensure the safety of the plant’s employees.

Easy to Clean and Sanitary

A cementitious urethane coating is also a non-porous flooring solution. While this keeps liquids from seeping into the concrete slabs below the coating, it also provides an easy to clean and sanitary environment for a bottling and beverage facility.

The floors in the plant may be consistently wet, so cleanliness and the stop of bacteria and mold growth is very important. The seamless quality of cementitious urethane decreases the spread of bacteria and can withstand harsh chemical cleansers or a tough pressure washing. Bottling facilities tend to be about speed—always striving to produce more, quicker. This means shutting down a plant for an extended amount of time for a floor installation is not an option. Many flooring systems require new cement to be cured for up to 28 days prior to applying a Cementitious urethane coatings, however, can be applied on new cement that was laid as little as seven days prior. The coating itself also cures within hours of application resulting in minimum downtime for the plant and its production.

Fast Installation

The beverage and bottling industry has specific needs that other manufacturing plants may not encounter. The plant’s flooring solution is no different. Call Liquid Floors for a free consultation to find out whether the high performance qualities of a cementitious urethane coating is right for your bottling plant.