Going green – what does that mean? From my perspective, it means doing things in a way that minimizes adverse effects on our environment. Well, most people do not think that by installing epoxy floors they are going green. I disagree. Floor coatings are now very environmentally friendly. Here are three ways you can reduce your environmental impact by selecting the right floor contractor.

  • 1. A top notch epoxy floor contractor will install 100% solids epoxies that have 0 VOC, along with a urethane that has less than 8 g/l of VOC.
  • 2. When you install an epoxy floor, you can increase the light reflectivity in your facility by up to 300%. If you brighten your facility, you can reduce the watts and/or number of lights you have in your facility. Not only does this reduce your energy use it also saves on your utility bills.
  • 3. Epoxy floors are impervious, thus making them significantly easier to clean and keep clean than a concrete surface. By installing the right floor coating, you can clean your floors with minimal chemicals and sometimes no chemicals.

Epoxy floor contractors that are serious about the business search out and align themselves with the best epoxy manufactures. Liquid Floors has done just that, so we can offer you the highest quality, eco-friendliest products available. We can also put you in touch with the best floor scrubber manufacture in the industry. They have scrubber technology to clean your floor without using any chemicals. Call us today and let us help you Go Green!