8-20bConcrete coatings add durability, shine, and chemical resistance to your industrial floors, but in order to get the maximum useful life out of your concrete floor, you will need to look for signs of wear and tear and perform regular maintenance.

Signs of Concrete Flooring Wear

Improper or infrequent maintenance can cause concrete and epoxy coatings to wear out faster than their anticipated useful life.

  • Flaking
  • Fading
  • Ground in Dirt
  • Wear patterns

Regular Maintenance for Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings should be maintained on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning schedule to avoid excessive wear and tear.

Daily Cleaning Tips for Concrete Floors

Epoxy coated floors should be dust mopped daily and piles of dirt or spills should be cleaned up immediately. If sections of the floor are exceptionally soiled, they can be mopped using regular floor cleaners. Just remember to thoroughly rinse the floor to remove all the cleaner. Failure to remove dirt in a timely manner can lead to the dirt causing excessive wear since it is abrasive.

Weekly Cleaning Tips

Along with regular dust mopping, Epoxy flooring should be cleaned with a non-abrasive automatic floor cleaner. We typically recommend using the soft nylon brushes in order to avoid scratching the surface. If the floor has exceptionally high traffic, it may be necessary to deep clean the floors more often.

Yearly Maintenance

Epoxy flooring can provide years of use while still looking good. Once a year, your epoxy floor should be thoroughly inspected. High-traffic areas get more use and abuse causing them to wear faster. If signs of wear are noticed, have a professional survey your floor to make sure it’s not time for a recoat.

If you need more tips to keep your concrete floor clean and well maintained, our professionals, here at Liquid Floors, can help you. Simply call us at 877-547-8431. We provide epoxy and concrete flooring solutions to manufacturing and industrial businesses across the Southeastern United States. We can give you an estimate on recoating your existing epoxy floor or coating your concrete floors with epoxy.