1-28bHaving epoxy flooring installed is a great way to ensure that your concrete floors look great and serve your business well for years to come. An epoxy floor is sleek, stylish, and easy to maintain. A successful epoxy installation depends on careful preparation.

Step 1: Schedule the Installation

Once you have chosen a reputable contractor, you must choose an installation date that will work with your business’s work schedule. Remember that you need to allow yourself adequate time to prepare the concrete floor for the epoxy coating, the installation itself, and time for the floor to cure before work can resume.

Step 2: Clean the Surface

To ensure a successful epoxy application, the concrete floor surface must be free of chemical, oil, and other residues. If the concrete has been previously painted, the paint should be completely removed.

Step 3: Repair Chips and Cracks

While an epoxy coating can cover small imperfections in the concrete, it is best to repair large chips and cracks prior to the application of the epoxy.

Step 4: Clear the Installation Surface Prior to Installation

Prior to the contractor’s arrival, plan to clear the installation space of all equipment and personnel. This may require moving heavy equipment to another location or disrupting your employee’s work schedules to be certain that the contractor has access to the space. A final sweep of the floor to remove grit and debris is important.

Step 5: Plan to Remain Available

While the installation is in progress, you should plan to be available to answer questions and provide direction. Once on-site, your contractor will continue with professional preparation such as diamond grinding or hand grinding, which will ensure that the epoxy materials adhere to the concrete floors. Also, be sure to discuss maintenance of your new flooring with the contractor and plan to follow their recommendations to make certain your floor remains as beautiful as the day it is installed.

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