Polished ConcreteWhile epoxy floor coatings produce a durable finish that protects concrete flooring and produces a more professional, attractive appearance, this option isn’t right for everyone. When epoxy flooring is not an option or not desired, concrete polishing will provide the results a company is after. Polishing concrete flooring can enhance appearances while providing a level of protection.

Polished concrete floors are a beautiful, sustainable solution, but there is a painstaking process involved that demands attention to detail every step of the way. Making sure skill goes into every step of the process is essential for a desirable outcome.

This alternative to epoxy floors calls for such steps as:

Densifying – During this step, concrete is reinforced with the use of impregnating hardeners. This adds strength to the floor and enables a high gloss appearance after the final step.

Grinding and diamond tooling – This step of the process involves creating the smooth surface look characteristic of polished concrete flooring. Diamond grinding produces a sleek, uniform looking floor that offers a bright, clean shine. While this method of grinding is more time consuming, it simply produces a superior end result than the alternatives.

While polished concrete doesn’t offer all the benefits of urethane and epoxy floor coatings, it is an excellent alternative for those who desire one. This process not only brings out concrete’s natural beauty, it also enhances the durability of the surface.

Why not stick with unfinished concrete?

Bare concrete can be quickly damaged in a working atmosphere. Cracking, pitting, stains and other permanent damage can transform once pristine bare concrete floors into an ugly mess. Polished concrete floor preparations do remove some of the worries while creating a more professional looking atmosphere. Plus, it is easier to clean and maintain and does increase light reflectivity and brightness in a room.

Polished concrete is an excellent alternative in a number of settings. It looks beautiful in factories and warehouses and can enhance the appearance of many other professional buildings. It is, for example, often used in air plane hangars, offices, and schools.

Creating a professional looking work environment doesn’t have to take long. Concrete polishing delivers an alternative that can enhance appearances of typical concrete floors while offering protection for the investment.