9-17bConcrete flooring has a reputation for being extremely durable and long lasting, but many facility managers are unaware that concrete is also highly susceptible to long-term damage from chemical attacks. When these surfaces are continuously exposed to aggressive chemicals, the flooring can quickly begin to deteriorate if left unprotected. This corrosion can create safety hazards and hamper the operational processes of the facility. The chemicals can even penetrate through the entire concrete slab and contaminate the underlying soil, leading to a variety of environmental issues.

Prevent chemical attacks and increase the lifespan of your industrial flooring.

Luckily, Liquid Floors offers expertly applied concrete protective coatings that prevent this erosion from occurring, even with the most aggressive of chemicals. But our products can do so much more to further improve the safety and efficiency of your industrial facility. Through the applications of epoxy coatings and urethanes, your industrial flooring can have added properties of resistance to heat, impacts, and slippage, as well.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are a very common application process used to prevent chemical attacks. This economical coating is a two-component system that consists of resins and a curing agent. When applied by a reputable expert, epoxy coatings create a super-strengthened surface that can bear the heavy weight of machinery and equipment without resulting in flaking, chipping, or cracking. Epoxy coated industrial flooring also offers varying levels of light reflectivity, providing a smooth, glassy aesthetic that always looks impressive.


Urethane coatings are another option for the prevention of chemical attacks. This treatment process offers a slightly faster curing time when applied to dry concrete surfaces. Urethanes are highly resistant to chemical attacks from alkalines, bleaches, solvents, and moderate-strength acids. And they are also beautifully reflective and easy to maintain. Depending on the types of harsh chemicals used in your industrial facility, Liquid Floors can even apply the urethane coating over an epoxied surface to provide maximum levels of protection against the most aggressive of chemicals.

Chemical attacks are a very common problem across a broad range of industries. Epoxy coatings and urethanes are the top choices for the protection of industrial flooring because they also offer impact and heat resistance while being incredibly easy to clean. Their varying levels of light reflectivity leaves these chemical resistant concrete floors always looking remarkable, too. For more information on the prevention of chemical attacks, contact Liquid Floors today for a free consultation.