12-24bIn order to install a beautiful, high-functioning, durable, concrete coating, the floor must be prepared in detail. Failure to perform a step could lead to the deterioration of your coating long before the end of its estimated useful life.

Floor Preparation

  • Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting
  • Hand Grinding
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Concrete Coating Installation
  • Sanding
  • Joint Caulking

Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting

The first step to installing a concrete coating involves either shot blasting or diamond grinding the surface. Shot blasting is reserved for floors that have large divots, heavy staining and other deep blemishes. The steel shot removes deep imperfections and readying the floor for a new surface.

Diamond grinding is used when the floor only has minor pits and divots. This step opens the pores of the concrete and is not as invasive as shot blasting.

Hand Grinding

Hand grinding is performed along the edges of the floor to the wall where the diamond grinders and shot blasters could not reach. If this step is not performed, the final coating may start peeling or chipping at the wall.


Once all the grinding has been completed, the entire floor must be vacuumed to remove any gravel, dust and dirt from the floor.

Concrete Coatings

The first layer of concrete coating is a primer, which seals the floor, hardens the concrete and prepares it for the additional layers. Additional layers are then applied over the primer to give the coating its desired thickness.


Once the sublayers are spread and dry, a fine sanding is performed on the floor. This helps the top layer of your coating adhere solidly to the bottom layers.

Final Coat

The final coat is a top coat. It is spread and smoothed in the same manner as the previous coats.

Caulking Joints

Joint caulking involves cleaning and sealing all the joints in the floor and along the wall. This helps ensure dirt and debris doesn’t enter the cracks and helps prolong the life of the floor.

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